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The Brinery

For detailed information please visit | Publications : Dezeen / Seen / What Design Can Do | Exhibitions : Royal College of Art WIP Show 2017, Imperial College WIP Show 2017, Amman Design Week 2017
The Brinery is an at-home fermentation vessel that solves the challenges associated with current fermentation techniques and makes it much simpler. Fermentation is a significant boost to your immune system, it is a reduction of food waste and it is a creative space, between fresh and rotten, in which the most compelling flavours and textures arise.
The user-friendly design is a modern reinterpretation of a forgotten process that involves several delightful interactions. An accompanying recipe book sets users up to create unique, personal flavours and share them with their friends.
A specially designed cap eliminates mould by keeping vegetables submerged under the brine and a removable inner vessel significantly decreases the chance of contamination from fingers or other utensils. Secondly, the airlock mechanism allows carbon dioxide out and no oxygen in. Finally, the shape, inspired by a butternut squash, magnifies the process inside and makes it visually appealing.
As part of our launch we intend to reintroduce fermentation as an attractive and desirable food option through an experiential, multisensory pop up.
The pop up has three designed experiences. Each experience introduces the diners to an aspect of fermentation. The first is taste – people taste the complex flavours that arise from the fermentation process. The second is transformation – through projection mapping, diners experience how bacteria break the food down over time. The third and final experience is about health – here, diners discover the vast health benefits that fermentation offers.

In collaboration with Ahreum Jung, Pratik Ghosh and Bassam Huneidi
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